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Each member on our team strives to create simple and creative solutions for all of your print needs. We thrive off of taking the idea that is in your head and helping you turn that into something you can be proud to hand to your customer. With over 50 combined years of combined experience in the printing industry, we feel confident that we can help you out.


Our goal is to provide every customer with excellent customer service and high-quality printed products to help them look their best. We love building relationships with customers and seeing their businesses, non-profits and events succeed.

charity 2022.jpg

Charity Horton

Charity is our Owner + Print Expert. She's been in the print industry for 25years and specializes in creative problem solving. You'll most likely find her running around the print shop to save the day for another customer.


Abby Hensley

Abby is our Inside Sales Support and Account Manager. She also helps out in many other areas, like shipping and fulfillment. When not working, she is a Soccer Coach and

Avid Soccer Fan.

Natalie 2_edited.png

Natalie Horton

Natalie is in the 9th grade and helps out all around the shop after school. She is learning lots of new things and is getting very good at knowing what each paper is. She loves to update our Instagram. 

Jim B emoji.PNG

Jim Beeler

Jim is our Print and Bindery Expert. With more than 35 years experience in the print industry, he can tell you anything about equipment, bindery methods, paper or dad jokes. He keeps our print shop up and running, and keeps us laughing too.



Inky is our Shop Dog. She is a Maltese Mix. She loves to play and look out the Window and watch people. 

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